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Entrance doors perform several functions. First of all, they provide security, help maintain a comfortable temperature level in the room, and also perform a decorative role. If you wish, you can install the door structures on the entrance yourself. Let’s consider this process in more detail.

Varieties of structures

Doors are divided into groups, depending on the material used and the method of opening. On the first criterion distinguish:

  • plastic
  • aluminum
  • steel
  • wooden structures

The most common door entrance metal doors. Thanks to the modern method of decoration, they can be given the appearance of plastic or wooden models. The consumer has the opportunity to make his own choice.

For finishing materials such as:

The first type of finishing material is characterized by a sufficiently long service life. Within 10 years only 2% of the powder is abrasion. This stability is ensured by the extrusion technology of dye application, which covers the web. After that, the door is exposed to a high temperature of 700 ° C. During this procedure, the powder melts and penetrates deep into the metal.

Let’s consider features of door designs from various materials:

Doors made of aluminum material are installed in the event that there is a need for a sliding structure. As a rule, they are used for warehouses, garages, protected areas. Owners of private households do not enjoy such demand. The Folkestone upvc double glazing windows are the bests there.


The same can be said about the wooden models. They do not meet the necessary safety standards, which are imposed on the entrance door structures. At the same time, their cost is not inferior to the price of high-quality steel models. During the installation of doors from wood, it is recommended to install additional security systems. The highest strength index has an array of oak. But the cost of such a design is several times higher than the cost of purchasing and installing metal doors. The slight popularity of wooden models is due to the competitive insolvency of their prices, as well as the low ability to provide security.

The entrance plastic doors are practically not in demand. Door structures made of PVC material are mainly used indoors.

Methods of dismantling

Before proceeding with the installation of the entrance door , the old door leaf must be removed. This can be done using two methods, depending on the type of fasteners that were used during the installation.

  • First, we will get acquainted with the method of dismantling the canvas fixed on the hinges of the demountable type:
  • Doors need to be opened, forming an angle of 90 ° . This is necessary so that the fabric does not rest against the frame.
  • Then under the door is put a mounting or scrap.
  • Under this tool is placed a bar or other object suitable for this purpose.
  • Thus, a lever is formed, on which it is necessary to press, making swaying movements from side to side.
  • Another option is also possible: place the scrap under the door, then lift the canvas and try to remove it.

If the doors are installed in non-separable hinges, they can be removed by removing the screws from the box or linen. In a situation where the state of the fasteners does not allow this, they must be drilled with a drill whose diameter exceeds the thickness of the screw. You can also take out the fasteners by means of a nail. With this tool, the loop should be pulled, and then removed.